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They built their houses in such a manner as they could last long, but the architectural and sculptural works of the dwellings were of low order. The people of Indus Valley also knew about the footage system.

Trade was particularly carried with countries of Western Asia. This probable presence of a westerner at Harappa need not surprise us.

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Similarly the cult of Linga and Yoni is also prevalent throughout the country and was taken from the Indus Valley people. Mud mortar was universally used. The writing on seals is perhaps their main scientific attainment. Neither Harappa nor Mohenjodaro show any evidence of fire altars, and consequently one can reasonably conjecture that the various rituals around the fire which are so critical in Hinduism were introduced later by the Aryans.

Of a these Mohenjo-Daro is better preserved and its excavation has revealed the points that the successive cities were built according In tin plan. At least one street has been traced which is more than half a mile long and at places over 30 wide. This is indicated by the presence of large number of dieses during the course of excavation.

The earthen pots of those days which have been discovered now can be broadly classified into two categories—hand made and wheel made. It has been tough times.

Each of the blocks contained six storage halls, each hall measuring 15 by 6 metres externally. English 1 eoc essays on education reflective essay on professionalism in the workplace hard determinism and compatibilism essay rvucom admissions essay. In general, the area where the Indus valley cities developed is arid, and one can surmise that urban development took place along a river that flew through a virtual desert.

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The various attempts so far have not been based on the strictest scientific principles and little agreement has been reached. More than 4, years ago there flourished in the north-western parts of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent a civilization which, deriving its name from the main river of the region is known as the Indus civilization.

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Indus Valley Civilization.

The bricks used for the pavements were comparatively of small size and were plain surfaced. The Indus peoples used wheeled carts, designed creative jewelry and toys, and had written languages. I will always order my papers here. All these discoveries point to the existence of an advanced civilisation in pre-historic India which is now popularly known as Indus Valley Civilization or Harappa Culture.

Though this civilisation is termed as Indus civilisation it covered even area beyond the Indus Valley. Indus valley civilization was the only civilization where there was no war, no struggles, no revolts.

The Indus valley people made deals not war, and created a stable peaceful and developed culture. This civilization has significance for not only historians and archaeologists but for the common man also. The Indus Valley civilization reveals much evidence to support the view that it is different from other archaic states in its lack of conspicuous consumption and indicators of high status.

This evidence particularly includes burials, which prove that the Indus valley has no indicators of high. The civilization at Mohenjo-Daro, and Harappa, Nal and Kulli grew up in the valley of the river Indus and that is why it is referred to as the “Indus Civilization.” Though the Indus civilization is considered to be one of the oldest culture in the world, but it was of urban nature.

Be that as it may, there is enough evidence to show that the great Indus civilization did not come to a sudden dead end. For example, at Lothal, from its Period A (Indus) to B (post-Indus), there is a gradual change in the pottery and the disappearance or replacement by others of certain kinds of antiquities.

The Indus Valley civilization is also known as the Harappan Civilization after the village named Harappa, in what is now Pakistan, where the Fair Use Policy; The Indus Valley Civilization History Essay.

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Indus valley civilization college essay
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